Plumbing Problems

A broken plumbing is one of the most harrowing situations. Plumbing systems can run into numerous problems, especially if they are not maintained well. You need to be aware of the most common problems so that you can take measures to prevent them from growing into full blown emergency situations.

According to professional plumbers in Brisbane, many plumbing problems they deal with on a daily basis are unnecessarily aggravated because of the homeowner’s attempt to repair it on their own. So, when in trouble, the best thing you can do is call an emergency plumber Gold Coast and get the problem repaired. The sooner you resolve the problem, the more money you can save.


A wet patch of wall, dirty water in the pipes and a sudden unreasonable increase in your water bill are not the only indications of leaks in the plumbing system. Sometimes, you can never identify a leak until it gets serious.

Leaks are complicated because it is tough to identify the precise point of leakage. For instance, although a wet patch of wall indicates a leak, it does not mean that the pipe exactly behind the patch is the real problem zone. The leak could have originated elsewhere.

Professional help is important in order to identify the right source in order to ensure a permanent cure.


Blocked plumbing most commonly manifests itself in the form of regurgitating toilets and washbasins. In some cases, using a basic plunger can get the block out of the way. However, this solution does not always work. You need to use advanced equipment such as jet rodder to clear the drain.

A thorough analysis of the plumbing system is crucial to identify the cause of block. It is crucial to clear blocked drain because the blocked part can become breeding grounds for disease causing germs and can lead to further deterioration of the plumbing system.

Low Water Pressure

There are numerous causes for low water pressure. One of the most common reasons is calcium deposit in the aerator of the faucet or piping system. Blocks in the plumbing can also cause a drop in water pressure.

Depending on the calcium deposit or other causes of pressure drop, professionals decide whether to scrap out the accumulation or replace the faucet. Removing calcium deposits is usually very difficult. As a preventive measure, you can install a water softening system at home.

Burst Pipes

Water pipes usually burst because the water freezes in them in cold winters. However, if you do not live in such a cold region, the most likely cause is corroded piping. With time, the mineral deposition and other factors cause the pipe to corrode and become weak. As a result, the pipe cannot contain high water pressure.

Flooding is the most prominent indication of burst water pipes. You need to hire a residential plumber to get the pipe replaced. Professionals can carry out gutters replacement or gutter repair and solve the problem.

Abnormal Noises

You can sometimes hear hammering noises in the pipes when you turn off the tap briskly. These noises are usually caused because of valve closure or pump failure, besides many other possibilities. The noise is an indication that the plumbing system needs professional care.

Clean kitchen drain and plumbing systems are as important for hygiene as clean home. So, hire a professional for a thorough job.