Brisbane’s Solution to Blocked Drains

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Among the many water system issues that affect home owners, one particular problem is regarded the most frustrating of them all. Because taps and plumbing in general is regularly used – whenever you clean the vegetables or perhaps your hair, small pieces of by-product begin to accumulate in the drains and eventually they become uncontrollable, which is when you need to consider contacting a plumber.

Nobody enjoys the task of cleaning out blocked drains. They are a stress and a frustration for homeowners and tenants alike. The best way to deal with them is to stop them from happening in the first place. There are several ways to do this and they are all free and require no time at all.

Steps to avoid blocked drains

For beginners, be cautious about what you are allowing to go down your sink. Even if you have a waste disposer, never put coffee grinds down the drain. Plumbers all around the world concur that oil is the number one cause of blocked drains in your kitchen too, so always be sure to dispose of hot oil in a bin once it has cooled. Avoid dropping buttons and other small items down the drain – while it may seem at first that there isn’t a problem, they can get caught further down the pipe, and the process of gathering little pieces of food, hair and detergent begins, gradually causing a large obstacle in a position you cannot get to on your own. Better yet, put a catcher in your sink to avoid this from happening at all and take additional care when in the bathroom so that hair never has a chance to drop down.

Never wash wet wipes of any kind down the toilet. Baby wipes, personal washing wipes and household wipes cannot be purged. As such, they can quickly block a pipe. The same goes for elegant sanitation products; older plumbing systems have smaller pipe joints than their modern counterparts.

As you can see, avoiding blocks is not a difficult task, and only needs a few minimal changes to your normal routine. If a blockage does occur, our team is Brisbane is here to help. Our services stretch from Logan to Sunnybank, Brisbane South and further, and we pride ourselves on competitive pricing.

If the worst has happened, call the Brisbane South experts

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