Grant Martin Plumbing Service offers a complete range of plumbing maintenance services for both domestic and commercial customers.

We Can

Fix Leaking Taps and Toilets

Inspect and Unblock Drains

Repair and Replace Hot Water Systems
Fix Roof Leaks and Guttering

Remove and Install Dishwashers, Garbage Disposals and Water Filters

Service and Maintain Mixing Valves and Flow Back Prevention Valves

Deal with Drain Odours and

Locate Underground Pipes and Leaks

And Much More – Just Ask Us!

Hi Tech Equipment

hi tech mechanical plumbing equipmentWe use the most up-to-date equipment such as drain cameras to inspect pipes in the ground and find out the real cause of blockages. Drain cameras uses closed circuit television to send back high resolution images of the inside of the pipe, so the real cause of the blockage can be determined and dealt with.

For example, the drain camera could show a broken piece of pipe collecting tree roots and debris, so we know precisely where to repair the pipe to keep it free flowing for as long as possible into the future.

We can then clear the pipes using high pressure water blasting with the jet rodder, or the electric eel to trim any tree roots in the pipe.

Programmed Maintenance

For our commercial customers, such as shopping centres, gyms and food outlets, we can offer a pre-programmed or scheduled maintenance service. This means we can take care of your basic and advanced plumbing needs on a quarterly, six-monthly or even annual basis – removing the headache for you and ensuring your property is always running efficiently and not suffering from wear and tear. We can tailor our service to suit your individual requirements.

We work with a number of real estate agents and building property managers to take care of the plumbing maintenance for the properties on their books.

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